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The design of air exhaust system and visiting corridor in the clean room

Nov 18, 2017

The application range of the clean room is very wide, because it can bring certain purification demand and reduce certain pollution. So what is the basis of the air exhaust system and corridor setting in the clean room, and how can it be made more conducive to the use of the clean room? 

First of all, under normal circumstances, the air exhaust device in the clean room is simple to set up the positions of heat dissipation and large moisture gain, such as blending, container cleaning and so on. In addition to the design and drainage device, the front room is provided to avoid the operation and environmental air conditioning parameters of adjacent dust clean rooms due to the large amount of moisture and heat dissipation.

Drying room is the process of producing wet and heat production. If the exhaust of the drying house is discharged first to the operation room and then to the outdoor, it will affect the temperature and humidity of the workshop. Therefore, the correct way is to connect the drying room exhaust system to the oven exhaust system, and set the three-way pipe valve. At this time, the muggy and air exhaust of the drying room will not affect the temperature and air flow organization of the drying room work space.

The main function of the corridor in the clean room is very simple, is the human logistics channel, and also ensures the fire safety passage unimpeded, makes the clean area and the outside have a certain buffer, ensure the production area clean. As a visiting corridor for clean rooms, visitors should not affect to production. At the same time, it makes using central heating for heating to become possible, and protect the clean area, avoid the winter wall condensation. 

The clean area of the clean room often relies on the external wall. If there is no window, it will affect the room lighting. If the double window is closed, no matter how airtight, the dust should come in, the cleaning of the window is also a problem. Therefore, the setting of the corridor is more important. As the corridor of the clean room, the ground should select the materials such as terrazzo whose integrity is good. Thicken the back fill, improve the cement label, and can also be equipped with reinforcing bars when necessary, add waterproof layer to prevent the ground from cracking and getting damp.

The corridor wall and ceiling veneer can select the latex paint. In addition to the use of small amount of decorative materials, but also to reduce the surface of the building which is easy to accumulate dust. Easy to clean is also an important purification measures. In addition, in the corridor design, the window does not have window sill, the window cabinet is flush with the wall. The junction of the wall, top and ground should have a certain radian.