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The design of medicine clean workshop

Oct 28, 2017

With the improvement of the requirements, it is more concerned to consider suitable measures from the design Angle of the medical clean workshop to achieve the goal of reducing consumption and saving energy.In the design of clean workshop, the main problem is the particle, and the energy saving problem has not been paid enough attention.

In fact, if you can carry on the design reasonable, then can from pharmaceutical clean workshop building layout and process conditions to take some effective energy saving measures, effectively reduce energy consumption and drug production cost.First of all, we should ensure that we can meet the requirements of production process and aim to save energy and reduce consumption. Thus, we choose the appropriate level of cleanliness, temperature, relative humidity and so on

After analysis and consideration, we think that the first thing to notice in this process is the temperature condition and humidity conditions.If the environmental conditions of the clean workshop can be maintained in a normal range, then the energy efficiency can be achieved.

The second is the cleanliness level of the air quality in the clean workshop.Had better be in the case of ensure the quality of production, considering process production capacity, production efficiency, operating mode and production processes, staff, equipment and automation cleaning method, etc., so as to reduce investment and operating cost, the purpose of achieve energy saving requirements.In fact, the main pollution source of clean room air is not people, but the various materials and supplies used.

That is to say, in the design and layout, you should choose some of the less polluting green environmental materials, so that you can reduce the pollution state of the medicine cleaning workshop as much as possible.At the same time, it can effectively reduce the load, thus realizing the purpose of energy saving and consumption.