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The design points of energy saving for the medical clean workshop

Nov 15, 2017

At present, with the expansion of the construction scale of the major medical clean workshops, people need to take effective measures to reduce energy consumption and save energy in the design work. To know, in the actual design work, people are more concerned about the requirements of clean design of medical clean workshop, and the problem of energy saving does not seem to attract attention.

At present, to achieve the requirements of energy saving, several angles  can mainly be considered: 1. Adjust the architectural composition of the medical clean workshop. 2. Adopt more advanced energy saving technology and measures in the process conditions. These can reduce energy consumption and save the cost of drug production to some extent. Now let's take a look at the details.

In the first aspect, we can consider the reasonable control of the humidity of the medical clean workshop to achieve the purpose of energy saving. In brief, under the premise of ensuring the quality of production, from the perspective of energy saving, the appropriate level of cleanliness, temperature and relative humidity parameters are selected.

In the second aspect, we can consider from the reasonable selection of medical cleaning workshop equipment to achieve the purpose of energy saving. For example, under the premise of ensuring the quality of production, comprehensive consideration of process production capacity, equipment size, operation mode, process arrangement, number of staff, equipment automation level, etc., control the operating costs reasonably, to meet the requirements of energy saving.

The third aspect is that it can achieve the purpose of energy saving  from the selection of suitable materials for medical clean workshop. In fact, the use of low pollution environmental protection materials not only can ensure the cleanliness of the workshop, but also can reduce fresh air load, and thus is a effective way to reduce energy consumption.