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The determination of new air quantity in dust free clean room

Oct 26, 2017

When dust-free clean room is equipped with the local exhaust devices such as ventilation cabinet, in order not to make it and maintain a positive pressure, negative pressure is generated in the system must have the corresponding new air volume to supplement the exhaust air volume, The specific exhaust volume can be determined according to the area of the exhaust hood and wind speed.

Dust-free clean room of the new air volume calculation method occupy high importance, reasonable new air volume can be not only for work in the production workshop staff to build a new clean space, but also helps to further improve the work efficiency, promote the development of economy.

But the first thing to know is that the new air volume is an important measure of the air quality in dust free clean room,which directly affects the flow of air and the degree of air pollution.In other words, as long as we grasp the new air quality of dust free clean room, we can ensure air treatment and create a healthy indoor environment.


In the dust free clean room purification project, the number of air ventilation per hour determines cleanliness, and the size of the new air volume determines whether the purification grade of the clean room and the quality of the product are up to standard.When determine the new air volume for the dust-free clean room, on the one hand, to meet the comfort level of staff, general guarantee supply dust-free clean room each hour of the fresh air volume is not less than 40 m3 / h, at the same time consider the harmful gas happens.

On the other hand, the air supply should be determined according to the heat and wet load, and then supply fresh air to the dust free clean room.The regulation also stipulates that the new air volume should meet the health requirements and maintain the maximum value of the indoor positive pressure.In order to prevent outside air into the dust free clean room, avoid interference workshop of temperature, humidity, destroy the purity of the workshop, need to be in air conditioning system with a certain amount of fresh air to keep positive pressure workshop

When the system to send, return air system regulating valve regulation to send back to the air volume, air volume is greater than the workshop dust-free clean room internal state of pressure will positively, and Send, return air quantity difference is through the aperture of door window to ooze, the positive pressure value of dustless clean room is equal to the resistance that the air is oozing from the crack