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The difference and application scope of different purification methods in dust-free workshop

Aug 10, 2018

With the continuous improvement of production and manufacturing requirements, the application of purification engineering has become more and more common. In order to pursue higher efficiency, many production and processing industries will remould the production workshop, and then apply it to the special facility of the dust free workshop.


The dust free workshop is the inevitable product of the development of the purification engineering. It can not only improve the efficiency of production and production, but also reduce the occurrence of production accidents and improve the quality of production. Its purification level determines the industry that it can adapt to, and one of the factors determining the cleanliness level of the dust-free workshop is its purification way.


At present, there are three main cleaning methods in the dust free workshop, which are whole room purification, local purification and clean tunnel. The whole room purification is to purify the air conditioning system and cause the same cleanness environment in the whole room. It is suitable for the large process equipment, a large number of equipment and the indoor requirements for the same clean. The space of the degree.


The cleanliness of the dust free workshop is to purify the air conditioner or the local purification equipment. In the general air conditioning environment, the purification mode of the local area has a certain cleanliness level environment, which is suitable for the production of small batch or the place where the original workshop is used for technical renovation.


The local purification of the dust free workshop can not only guarantee the cleanliness of the room, but also realize the Gao Jie cleanness environment in the local area, thus achieving the dual purpose of meeting the requirements of production to Gao Jie's net environment and saving energy. The remaining clean tunnel is a clean environment with two laminar flow process zones and turbulent flow area in the middle, which is a typical combination of whole room purification and local purification.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/