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The different applications of air filters and whether they can meet the special requirements.

Apr 20, 2018

Air filter, it is a very common filter, because it is to filter the air to achieve the purpose of purification, so, it will have this specific name. If you want to use the air filter in the use of good use effect, then, it must have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of it, so, then, the relevant knowledge will be explained so that people have learning objects and learning content.


1. Where should the air filter be located in the three parts of the pneumatic system? What is its specific role?

Pneumatic three parts, specifically refers to the air filter, pressure reducing valve and oil mist three. And the air filter is installed at the location before the pressure reducing valve and the oil mist, rather than the pressure reducing valve and the oil mist. The function of air filter is to filter gas source, so as to play the role of purifying gas source.


2. Air filter, does it have different kinds?

There are different kinds of air filters, and if they are divided according to their usage, they can be divided into two kinds: chemical filters and ventilation filters. Chemical filters, in addition to the adsorption of dust in the air, can also adsorb smell, so it can be used in biopharmaceuticals, hospitals and inhabited environments, and ventilation filters, which are more widely used than chemical filters in the application range.


3. What should be considered in the selection of air filters if they are used to filter dusty gases?

In the selection of air filter, if it is used to filter the dust gas, it should take into account some specific parameters or specific aspects, such as the temperature, humidity, acidity and alkalinity, and the amount of organic solvents, such as the dust gas. In addition, it is important to note that some filters can be used in a high temperature environment, while some filters can only work at normal temperatures, so the use of the environment can not be ignored.


4. From now on, is air filter able to meet some special requirements?

From the perspective of production technology that air filter has achieved at present, it can meet some special requirements, and also can guarantee the use effect of filters. For example, a number of special requirements, such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and waterproof, and bacteria prevention, are achieved by some measures, which will not affect the filtration performance of the air filter.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/