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The energy-saving technology in Cleanroom

Aug 09, 2017

The environmental protection of cleanroom is obvious to all, and what is the energy efficiency?Careful observation can be found that there are many aspects that can be used to save power in clean rooms, thus reducing the energy consumption of cleanroom and reducing costs.

For clean room more energy efficient, We can reduce the speed of the air in the air handling unit through, for example it can use a larger air processor and small fan, and then reduce the velocity of air, reducing energy consumption and prolong the service life of equipment.

Secondly, the control of ventilation frequency can also help the clean house to achieve energy saving. In order to maintain good cleanliness, the clean room must always maintain a certain amount of air flow.This flow is determined by the number of air changes per hour, in other words, as long as the air flow is reduced by the degree of cleanliness.

After tests proved that the implementation for dust-free clean room 90-250 air changes, not only will not affect the yield and cleanliness, the key is much lower with the original operating standards, the consumption of ventilation nature also can save a lot of energy.

In the energy consumption of clean and clean house, the energy of motor running consumes a lot of energy, so it is possible to achieve the goal of saving energy by reducing the energy consumption of the motor.This requires the use of efficient and excellent motors to improve its operating power by using a variable speed drive, so that the same power can be achieved with less energy.

It is through these improvements, to make clean room can not only ensure cleanliness of product production, at the same time also can reduce energy consumption, make clean greatly improve the efficiency of clean room.