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The filter element and position of air filter are affected correctly

Aug 23, 2017

Filter of the air filter, if you want to have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of words, so, only to learn continuously, and at the same time, the knowledge of its content, timely grasp, such ability to achieve a goal, and have good using effect.So, now that you've asked for it, it's better to do it immediately, so that you can work efficiently, and at the same time, benefit to everyone.

1.What does HEPA technology mean?

HEPA, which generally refers to high efficiency air filters, so HEPA technology, simple to understand, is the filtering technology of high efficiency air filters.And, using this filtering technique, it is possible to capture and collect particles of dust below 0.5 um, as well as various suspended objects, to achieve efficient filtration.

2.The gas source three connecting parts,If the installation position of air filter is incorrect, what effect will have?

The gas source three connecting parts,the air filter,the install location,There is a requirement,so,You can't randomly install it,so,must  have effect.It's inevitable.Its influence is mainly in the lifetime of the filter and other parts.

3.Air filter ,What are the specific filters?

The filter of air filter, which is in the filter element type, generally has the following, which is:Folding filter element: it is in the filter membrane, which is the polypropylene thermal spray fiber membrane and nylon teflon microporous membrane filter membrane.The advantages of this are small size, size of filter area and high filtration level. Therefore, it is possible to intercept impurities with different particle size.

PP filter core: also can be called PP melt filter element, of which yarn, on the material, is polypropylene fiber and acrylic fiber.In addition, it can also configure different types of end cover joints to meet different installation requirements, so that it can be used successfully and has good effect.