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The function and characteristics of clean greenhouse - dust free workstation

Apr 04, 2018

Clean room - clean workstation is usually used in industrial aluminum or stainless steel square etc. as a framework, using fan filter unit FFU air, surrounded by anti-static Chuilian, top cover close joint blind plate, forming a closed area. The cleanroom - dust - free workstation can be cleaned up to 100 to 100 thousand levels, especially in the area where the cleanliness of the workshop is high.


For example, in many assembly areas with high precision in the assembly line, the application of clean room - dust - free workstations is very common. It has a variety of clean grades and space collocation, and can be designed and made according to the needs of use. Because of its simplicity, the advantages of easy to use, easy to install, easy to install, and to be removable, it has been favored by many users.


So, in practical applications, how do you meet the requirements of cleanliness? In fact, the fan is from FFU at the top of the air suction, the primary filter, HEPA filter, filter clean air in the air outlet side to 0.45m/s + 20% of the wind speed sent to clean shed. The uniform flow layer is formed to make the clean air flow vertical and unidirectional flow, so as to keep the cleanliness in the field.


The main features of the clean room - dust free workstation:


First, the whole structure design of the clean shed and dust-free workstation is assembled, making the installation work very convenient, and at the same time, obviously shortening the delivery cycle. Secondly, when it is in use, its mobile convenience can meet different requirements.


And the clean greenhouse - dust free workstation adopts modular structure, which is helpful to improve the level of purification, strong expansibility and high value of reuse. Not only that, relatively super clean worktable, clean shed - dust workstation internal available effective space more effective.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/