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The function of setting up diffuser plate in the dustless clean room

Jul 30, 2018

The clean room is a room controlled by the concentration of air suspended particles. Its construction and use should reduce the indoor induction, production and retention of particles; other related parameters in the room are controlled by the requirements of temperature, humidity, pressure and so on. If the clean room is classified from the use point of view, it can be divided into industrial dust free clean room and biological clean room, and the air flow pattern can be divided into unidirectional flow clean room, non unidirectional and dust-free clean room, radiant clean room, mixed flow clean room and so on.


In the clean room construction, after cleaning the ground clean, clean air conditioning system air blowing, air blowing 12h after air blowing, again scrub room to avoid surface, ground; then install high efficiency filter and diffuser plate, and then plastic film again sealed.


In general, different air flow patterns can reach different cleanroom levels, choose appropriate air vent and arrange properly, choose suitable air inlet to arrange scientifically, so that the flow of air conforms to the principle of purification. For example, the clean room with non unidirectional flow is to dilute the indoor air by the clean air flow and gradually discharge the indoor pollutants, so the diffusion of the clean air flow is fast and uniform, so as to achieve a good dilution.


To achieve this goal, the diffuser plate is installed at the outlet of the high efficiency filter to increase the scope of the clean air supply airflow and enhance the diffusion effect. In addition, there is a certain lower return air in the dustless clean room, the airflow streamline is smooth, the vortex area is reduced, and the dilution effect is better.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/