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The function of the Air Shower in the food industry

Aug 02, 2017

Overview :Air shower in the food industry. first  We also is to actually pay attention to the function it can directly to remove dust, although seemingly simple on the function, has an irreplaceable function. We can use air shower to adopt active fiber adsorption technology, can be effectively removed the body into a sterile room dust, effectively kill all kinds of viruses and bacteria.

After the use it, we will find that in terms of air quality, it is a fundamental improvement to a large extent; Actual the methanol content will Reduce to less than 0.10 mg/m3 and measured by the number of bacteria is less than 2000 / m3, greatly superior to the national standard, really realize the "create fresh world" of a new goal.

Moreover, another ways, air shower and its itself is the "environmental protection, efficient and convenient" and other advantages, to a large extent is to phase out the traditional sterilization method. what is also precisely because it has the characteristics of the in the midst of the current food and beverage industry through the QS certification of enterprises, to a great extent, actually is also will be required to use the "air shower".

On another, in the modern food,In a series of production process, the production environment cleanliness requirements also will be relatively high, it is because of this, we actually is also should choose corresponding disinfection sterilization agent,To destroy the environment of air in the attachment in the human body, the equipment and its container and building the above bacteria.

Finally, we also pay attention to a function of air shower , it also is actually to electronic interlock two doors, in this way, can actually is also takes note of a gas chamber, that is to say, when we make the application of the air shower, it is to a certain extent, prevent the external pollution, and it has not been purified air into the clean area.