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The importance of laminar cover in laboratory ventilation

Feb 03, 2018

In many laboratories, the laminar cover will be used. Comparatively speaking, after laminar flow hood is used, it can not only improve the level of cleanliness, but also reduce noise and vibration, at the same time, it can also significantly reduce the cost and facilitate installation and maintenance, which is an ideal part of clean environment.


Next, we mainly analyze the importance of a lower layer flow hood in laboratory ventilation. You should know that during the process of experiment, in order to prevent the experimental animals from causing biological harm to humans and animals and plants, and at the same time, in order to prevent the surrounding environment from being polluted, we need to meet strict requirements when establishing laboratories.


In order to ensure the effect of ventilation, it is necessary to install a laminar cover. In fact, the equipment has shown great superiority in the ventilation and purification system in the laboratory. First, the equipment has low energy consumption and high static pressure, which can achieve multiple or stepless adjustment, and the operation cost is low.


Secondly, as the structure of the laminar cover is advanced, the noise is not only small during the operation, but the wind is also very uniform. In addition, the weight of its own is strong and light, and the mounting mode is adopted to make the installation, replacement of the filter and the maintenance more convenient.


Third, during the long time of operation, because the dedicated fan is equipped, it can maintain stable operation and basically do not need additional maintenance. The laminar hood can also realize the functions of computer group control and remote control.


In addition, in the process of construction, it can also effectively shorten the workshop construction cycle. And the laminar cover is independent of the model, and can be adjusted at any time. In addition, the upper flow hood system has a remarkable energy saving, and has solved the disadvantage of the centralized air conditioning unit, which has a large air conditioning machine room and a higher operating cost of the air conditioning unit.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/