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The importance of the air blower duct and emergency switch

Feb 06, 2018

Air shower channel will be equipped with a very important device, it is the emergency switch, when the equipment is in a dangerous situation, the air shower channel emergency switch can be an emergency cut off the power to stop the operation of the device, to effectively protect personal safety and air shower equipment Safety.


Air shower channel is one of the necessary purification equipment for employees to enter the clean room or clean room, here requires the use of air shower channel dedicated fan, it has a double volute, high efficiency, wind volume, low noise and so on. And dedicated fan power 380V / 50HZ, three-phase four-wire, the three-phase fan voltage is larger, so the selected air shower fan air volume is larger.


When the staff through the air shower passage, the super-speed of the wind from the 360-degree nozzle can be sprayed from all directions to the body, so as to effectively quickly remove the attached to the clothes of dust, hair, hair debris and other debris it Minimize contamination problems caused by employees entering and leaving the clean room.


In the air shower channel on both sides of the box will be equipped with an emergency stop switch, and the channel LCD touch panel standard touch-sensitive emergency stop switch in case of emergency can quickly cut off the power, making the air shower channel two-door Lock can be opened automatically, so that operators quickly away from the more humane protection of staff personal safety.


Regardless of the price of air shower channel level, the power line inside the box set up a leakage switch, and the two emergency stop switch combination of dual protection. Therefore, the provisions of each air shower channel emergency stop switch must be allowed to leave the factory, so that users can also be more peace of mind to use.