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The important part of the air curtain cleaning process

Oct 19, 2017

After a period of use, the air curtain will accumulate some dirt both internally and on the surface, so it is necessary to clean the air curtain at this time.Most users in clean air curtain, often only on the shell, panel and filter components is clean, and on the inside of the condenser and evaporator and other special component is ignored, this will increase the bacteria breeding opportunities.

When the air curtain is in operation in the process of time, 80% of the small dust in the air and bacteria can be through a filter into the internal air curtain, and the condensate after adhesive blockage in the evaporator, thus affecting the air curtain  refrigeration and heat dissipation effect, but also makes evaporator surface adhering more bacteria adhesion.

So in clean air curtain, indoor and outdoor to clean thoroughly, if the radiator dirty wall can form indoor machine air volume decreases, and indoor air circulation is slow, it is difficult to reach the set temperature.If the radiator is always clean in time, there will be no blockage at all, and there will be no problems, which greatly improves the heat exchange efficiency.

The focus of the air curtain cleaning and its water pans, if long time don't clean the parts, will become dirty, virus can breed in the wind curtain, the threat to human health.So anyway, always clean the air curtain, and every corner should be cleaned and thoroughly cleaned.

After cleaning, the wind curtain can maintain a good working condition, and can play its due function in the application process, which can greatly reduce the threat of bacteria to health.