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The installation requirements of the pipeline in the clean room

Sep 28, 2017

In the medical clean workshop, the pipeline installation requirements are more stringent. Technical interchanges and technical connections in the trunk connection requirements of the way through the welding. And the connection between the pipe and the valve is connected with a flange, a thread or other connector with better sealing performance.

All parts of the medical cleansing workshop that are in contact with the material shall be of choice of flanges and threaded seals made of Teflon material. In addition, if it is from the clean room walls, floors, roof and other parts of the pipeline through the need to also add casing, and to ensure that its internal pipe section without any weld, thread or flange and so on. Remember, there is a need for effective sealing between the pipe and the casing.

Often, when laying the pipe, it should be as small as possible in the pharmaceutical clean shop laying, but also for the introduction of the branch is best to use the form of dark deposited, all laying of the pipeline should be arranged in neat rows and make It is possible to use less valves, fittings, and pipe supports. And its outer wall should take some anti-rust measures.

In addition to these requirements, the surface temperature of the piping should be taken into account in some medical clean rooms. If necessary, should be combined with the actual situation and requirements to select the appropriate insulation form, usually require cold insulation pipe wall temperature is not lower than the ambient dew point temperature, and its surface should be kept smooth and smooth.

Finally, do not forget that when laying the pipe, make sure that all the pipes in the medical cleansing workshop should carry the contents and the signs of the flow. If it is used to transport flammable media, then it should be equipped with the corresponding removal of static devices.