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The knowledge of the electret and self-cleaning air filters and its difference...

Dec 06, 2017

Air filter is a kind of filter, and it is widely used. Only we have a comprehensive understanding of it, so that we can correctly use the air filter, so as to get the proper use effect. Moreover, it can also guarantee the economic benefits of the filter and avoid the waste.

1. Filter Properties of the electret air filter

Filter Properties of the electret air filter, from a professional perspective, is a reinforced fibrous electrostatic filter. The purification mechanism is the Coulomb force and induction force of charged fibers on the particles. Among them, the particles can be either charged particles or uncharged particles.

2. The operational principle of the self-cleaning air filter

Self-cleaning air filter is one of the air filters. The outlet of the net gas chamber is connected with the inlet of the air compressor. Therefore, under the negative pressure, it can suck the air from the atmosphere, thus processing the work.

Its working principle is: When the air passes through the filter cartridge, through the filter material to block the dust. And numerous small granular dust forms a layer of dust film on the windward surface of the filter media, and through the dust film to improve the filtering effect and increase the gas-flow resistance. When the gas-flow resistance increases to 600 pa, the self-cleaning system begins to work through the computer. When the resistance drops to 150 pa, the self-cleaning system stops working.

3. The difference between the air filter and respirator and the knowledge of the primary efficiency air filter

Air filters and respirators are significantly different. Because air filters have higher filtration requirements and standards, while respirators have the filter screen, but only play a simple dust-proof effect, so the filter level is not high.

The primary efficiency air filter is one of the air filters. In the air conditioning system, it is mainly used in the primary filter, and is mainly used to filter dust particles above 5um. In addition, the type has plate type, bag type and folding. The outer frame material has paper, aluminium extruded sections frame and galvanized sheet frame. The filter material has non-woven fabrics, nylon, activated carbon, metal, aluminum and so on.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/