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The layout and use of clean workbench points.

Oct 10, 2017

Ultra clean workbench is not ordinary workbench, so in use of every aspect should notice, first is clean workbench of power supply, commonly use three-phase four line.One of them is the null line, which is used to connect the casing of the machine to the ground.And three of them are phase lines, and their working voltage is 380V. 

It is important to note that in order to ensure that clean workbench power supply reliability and safety, three line access circuit has certain order, such as thread ends meet wrong, three-phase line access only two phase or three phase has a poor contact,  clean workbench becomes abnormal, cause of failure.

Different from other workbench, clean workbench inlet is usually at the back or the lower part of front, here also is equipped with metal net inside a regular foam plastic or non-woven fabric, used to block large particles of dust.In addition to the air inlet, a super filter is also installed in the metal mesh cover of the clean table, which can be replaced.

Through long-term practice and found that the service life of clean workbench cleanliness has a lot to do with air, so it is better to keep the working state of the persistent, clean workbench on a double door indoor use as far as possible, and should not be under any situation will be clean workbench into the wind to open the door or window, so as not to affect the service life of the filter.

When need to use, the mesa of clean workbench should be disinfected, fumigation, etc., in order to make sterile room often maintain the aseptic form of degree.You can also install uv lamps directly on the clean workbench but should be installed outside the lighting lampshade and misaligned the lighting, so that the lighting is not obstructed at work.