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The necessity of the stainless steel wind drenching channel in the food industry

Jul 28, 2018

In the process of modern food production, the requirements for the cleanliness of the production environment are very high. Because the production environment of the food products is very wet, the corresponding bactericidal agents must be chosen to kill the air and the bacteria on the body, equipment, containers and buildings. In addition to ozone generator to eliminate equipment, stainless steel air shower channels and other purification equipment are also needed.


At present, many food processing plants have been equipped with clean rooms, because the environment of the fine processing of food is relatively wet, so the stainless steel air duct is needed to prevent rust. As the necessary channel for people to enter the clean room, the stainless steel drenching channel can reduce the pollution caused by people entering and out of the clean room, and reduce the number of air pollution particles because of the large number of dust particles in the entrance of the clean room which is brought by the import and export of the human goods.


With the improvement of specialization of stainless steel air shower channel, the technology of stainless steel air shower room has become more and more exquisite. From the original manual blow to the present full automatic shower, and the increase of wind speed from 18m/s to 26m/s, the performance of the stainless steel air shower channel has been improved qualitatively. When people pass through the stainless steel ventilation channel, the contaminated particles are filtered out by highly efficient clean air. The high wind speed above 25m/s ensures effective ejection and drift particles. The first and two level filters are basically filtered out.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/