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The output management and yield management of solar cell production workshop

Oct 27, 2017

The basic management of solar cell production workshop has been an important part of production management.In the basic management work, it is particularly important to pay attention to output management and yield management.Because the management of these aspects will not only affect the production efficiency of the solar cell production workshop, but also will have a great impact on the overall production level.

Usually, in the process of production management, several key principles should be observed.The first is to focus on the production capacity of the process, because if the process can be used to the maximum capacity, then it will be enough to increase the output of the solar cell production workshop.The second point is to pay attention to the production capacity of the last finished product to minimize downtime.

At the same time, in the production of solar cell production workshop, the production in the middle of the production process should also ensure normal production.For example, during the transition period, you can make more output. but the quantity should be controlled so as not to affect the quality of the battery.Generally speaking, the focus of the production process in the middle is the quality aspect.In addition, during the product assessment period, it should be clearly reflected in the economic responsibility system.

Another important job is to yield management, this is a very complicated problem, because it covers the solar cell production workshop people, machine, material, method, all aspects .In other words, it is necessary to work together from equipment, process, production and other aspects to achieve better results.

In a nutshell, we can consider the actual production management of the solar cell production workshop.For example, according to the production situation to develop the assessment method of the yield, it can also play a certain promotion effect, thus improving the positivity of the yield.