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The principle of '4 No'

Jul 26, 2017

1、Do not bring any dust to the dust-free workshop

A、Maintain the normal pressure of the dust-free workshop

B、High efficiency filter does not cause dust leakage

C、Personnel must replace the clean clothes before entering the clean room

D、Personnel and materials must pass through the air shower room into the dust-free workshop

2、Do not produce any dust in the dust-free workshop

A、Personnel should wear clean clothes

B、Do not bring useless goods

C、Do not move unnecessarily

D、Do not use dust-prone materials

3、Do not accumulate any dust in the dust-free workshop

A、There is no dead angle to keep the environment clean

B、Clean room as far as possible without exposing ducts and pipe

C、Compliance with standard purification procedures

4、Quickly remove dust from the dust-free workshop

A、Increase ventilation rate

B、Set up the exhaust device near dusty place

C、Use a suitable airflow to prevent dust from sticking to the product