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The product features and characteristics of subminiature purification unit

Jul 29, 2017

Subminiature purification unit for use in the process is an effective improvement of the purity of the local microenvironment multipurpose to purify a product, the user to install the subminiature purification unit used in a variety of devices, can achieve the purpose of purification.

Subminiature purification unit in order to effective use of customers, the development of the three different types of products, the ordinary, standard and ABS engineering plastics shell, in the entire device effectively using the high performance AIRTECH fan, two wind speed switch.

Subminiature purification unit configured with high quality and high efficiency air filter, in the process of using are suitable for all kinds of the level of cleanliness requirements, the optional special filter, so that you can remove gas chemical contaminants.

When Subminiature purification unit are working ,It have low noise and energy saving, the entire device adopts elaborate structure, so that it can make maintenance becomes very convenient, the motor thermal protection device of the security, so users can products will be horizontal or vertical installation.

Subminiature purification unit can provide all kinds of required local air purification equipment, when use can effectively meet the needs of all kinds of production and science laboratory clean air environment, in the process of production is mainly used to purify unit composed of laminar flow hood and transfer window and other purification equipment.