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The proper use and maintenance of Air shower is the key to ensure the...

Aug 19, 2017

In the actual there are some dust on production site, The dust comes from the operator or the production equipment.In the clean production work, we must ensure the dust free environment, especially the electronics factory, medical devices, cosmetics, laboratories, etc.These occasions require the use of the Air shower, and the proper use and maintenance of the Air shower is the key to keeping the dust free environment.

So how can you satisfy this requirement?First, before entrance the producing department staff shall first go through the Air shower , The clothes should be wear the clean clothing, not produce static electricity with special conductive fiber material dust-free clothing, hats, shoes, gloves, masks, etc.In the producing department, you must wear a closed helmet.

Second, all equipment and parts must go through the air shower before entrance the workshop.In actual work, the frequent access of personnel and items may lead to the failure to achieve complete cleanliness.Therefore, we must try to control pollution without reserve or occurrence.

In other words, we should Control the dust particles in the Air shower,Not only consider the dust that comes in with the worker, but also control the dust of the equipment.This is because when the objects is moving, it will lead to dust due to friction, while the objects will also have particles when moving.

In addition, we must also ensure the space of air shower through the Air circulation unblocked ,It is the air eddy will result in an air entrapment area, then the air turbulence may be generated by air turbulence, This can cause some dust to adhere to and cause pollution.

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