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The Purification Company Introduces How to Improve the Clean Shed Project

May 23, 2019

Nowadays, more and more industries begin to have high requirements for cleanliness of factories. However, because the space of dust-free rooms in factories is too large to meet the requirements of cleanliness, it is necessary to build clean rooms in dust-free rooms through purification companies.


Purification company to introduce to you, general clean room space is relatively closed, access is not so easy. So fire prevention must be very important. All parts of the clean room should be fireproof. Generally, the frame is made of industrial aluminium profile and the partition is made of fire-proof PV board.


The cleanliness requirement of the general clean room is much higher than that of the clean room, and some of them reach the level of 100. In this way, several FFU fans should be installed on the top of the clean shed to meet the requirements of cleanliness. The clean shed should be closed as far as possible to prevent dust from falling into the outside world. Air conditioning soft curtain should be installed where PV board is not convenient to install. The cleaning company can not affect the equipment and staff working in the dust-free room when rebuilding and constructing the clean shed.