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The purification project of the Pharmaceutical Workshop needs to meet the following points

May 05, 2018

In the layout and construction of Pharmaceutical Workshop, there will be more stringent requirements for purification works. The so-called "Pharmaceutical Workshop purification" refers to the area of environmental control for dust particles and microorganism pollution, and its construction structure, equipment and their use have the functions of reducing the involvement, production and retention of the pollution sources of the region. Usually, the raw materials for the raw material, the raw materials, and so on, should be carried out in the clean area.


Then, what requirements should be met when setting up purification works? In fact, in different pharmaceutical factories, there are different considerations when designing purification works. For example, when determining the level of purification, it may be the requirement of biological cleanroom for controlling the microorganism as the main purpose for hospitals and operation room. We should know that strengthening the control of dust particles in the environment is also important for workshop purification.


In fact, in the production work of the pharmaceutical workshop, the existence of these particles, especially the direct mass of the dust particles and the parasitic microorganism, endanger the life safety of the people. According to the requirements, when the purification project is designed, it is necessary to make necessary regulations for the possible production of particles and dust, such as indoor decoration, environmental air, equipment, facilities, containers, and tools. In addition, it is necessary to purify the personnel and materials entering the purification workshop of the pharmacy and divide them into the passages and objects. Flow channel.


In addition, the control of particulate matter and microorganism in the production environment must be strengthened at the same time. In fact, this also reflects the characteristics of clean rooms in pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises from other industries.


In general, the basic purpose of the purification project in any pharmaceutical workshop is to minimize the human error, effectively prevent the drug contamination and quality decline, and establish a complete quality assurance system in three aspects. At the same time, when building a factory building and selecting facilities, the pharmaceutical workshop must also consider and satisfy this aspect.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/