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The purpose and specific structure of Dust-free clean room

Aug 12, 2017

A lot of people still do not understand, why should use Dust-free clean room, how does it differ from ordinary workshop?In order to solve the confusion, we will emphasize the function and structure of clean room, and then everyone can understand it.

Dust-free clean room with ordinary workshop is significant difference between the two is that it can control products are contact with air cleanliness and temperature and humidity, so that the products is in a good environment of production, manufacturing, to ensure that the quality is not affected by external environment factors of pollution.

Although most dust-free clean room as industrial aluminum frame, but the central air conditioning and air purification system is the core of the clean room, IS used for control the dust-free clean room air dust particles, and adjust the working environment of temperature and humidity in a reasonable manner, To makes the dust-free clean room internal levels purification level of up to 100-100000.

In accordance with the relevant regulations, dust-free clean room purification level is mainly based on per cubic meter of air particle diameter greater than the number of particles to the divisions of the rules. That is to say, not really not have  dust, just to control it in a very tiny amounts of units.

In general, the whole dust-free clean room divided into three ,Air shower, changing room, therefore the Air shower is access the clean room.Make use of  the clean air, can effectively and quickly remove the body of the dust and bacteria.