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The significance of clean unit FFU to clean clean workshop

Apr 11, 2018

Usually, in the clean cell FFU, there will be two primary and efficient filters at the same time. In this way, the air blower can be inhaled from the top of the clean unit FFU and filtered through a primary and efficient filter. The clean air after the filter is delivered at a speed of 0.45M/S + 20% of wind speed at the whole air outlet.


Because of its excellent characteristics, the clean cell FFU is especially suitable for obtaining a higher level of clean environment in different working environments. What does it mean for dust-free workshop? The following is a brief introduction to this problem for you, hoping to provide some references.


In fact, clean cell FFU plays a very important role in dustless clean workshop. It can be seen from the sales volume of the market that the sales volume of the equipment in the purification industry is very large. Many friends in the industry will also choose this device as the purification equipment of the workshop first, so that the workshop can achieve a very good purification effect.


Besides the ideal application effect, the installation location of the clean cell FFU is also very flexible, which can be satisfied in different working areas. Besides, the size and material of its chassis can be made according to customer requirements. Generally speaking, the product has the advantages of convenient installation, small vibration, uniform wind speed, low noise, no maintenance and long working time.


Next, we will introduce the application of clean cell FFU in dustless clean workshop. For example, in the food processing industry, people pay much attention to food safety and hygiene. The safety of food is entirely determined by the production technology and environment. The food industry is very strict for the food processing environment and production environment.


Therefore, a clean and clean workshop will be established in the production workshop of the food manufacturer. The clean cell FFU is one of the devices. The clean unit FFU inhaled the indoor air through filter filter at the top of the clean workshop, and sent the clean air out with uniform wind speed, making the dust free workshop clean and aseptic purification effect.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/