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The size, material and structure of the standard stainless steel transfer window

Mar 16, 2018

Stainless steel transfer window is currently on the market the more common one of the transfer window, it can also be subdivided into mechanical interlocking transmission window, electronic interlocking transmission window, floor type transfer window, the wind leaching transfer window, self transfer window of different types, with different application in different situations.


Standard stainless steel transfer window size is usually a certain size, it is 627 x 570 x 590, and size 500 x 500 x 500; of course, manufacturers also provide non-standard stainless steel transfer window can be customized service, according to the actual site users and transfer goods to order all kinds of transmission window size.


As a standard type stainless steel transfer window, using the mechanical interlock or electronic interlocking device, and can only open one door, reliable performance; and material used is not the same kind of stainless steel, the outer wall of the transfer window for cold plate white plastic, wall and top and bottom plate is made of stainless steel material and the box; all use 304 stainless steel.


In terms of configuration, the stainless steel transmission window can be used with the ultraviolet bactericidal lamp, the walkie talkie, the roller and so on. Its working surface is also designed for different needs due to different working needs. For example, the short distance transmission window is stainless steel plate, smooth and smooth and wear-resistant, while the long distance transfer window working table adopts no power drum, which transfers goods easily and conveniently.


This is the basic characteristic of the standard stainless steel transmission window. If these aspects can not be satisfied, the use effect of the transmission window will also be affected, so the whole dustless clean engineering system may fail to achieve ideal state.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/