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The structure composition and installation requirements of the clean bench

Oct 23, 2017

Do you know which parts make up the clean bench?Because of its structural features, do you know what to pay attention to when installing?With these two questions, let's analyze the specific answer.

Let's take a look at the main structure of the clean bench first.Generally speaking, the device consists of a machine box, a variable wind power supply unit, a high efficiency filter, a medium - effect filter, a working table, and an electrostatic ion gun.The cabinet is made of thin steel plate, and the surface is treated with baking varnish.

When making the clean bench, in fact the main is to use the stainless steel mass production, and there is no activity type structure design, use so that you can clean processing provides the convenience for the user.During operation, the user can control the operation of the equipment by fan switch, lighting switch and electrostatic ion switch.


So, what basic requirements do you need to meet in the process of installing a clean bench?Normally, it should be placed in a clean plant or in a cleaner environment.

In the same way, when choosing the location of installation, it is necessary to keep the dust source and shake source as far as possible. Otherwise, there may be some negative effects on the clean bench.In addition, in the process of opening the box and in place, pay attention to light release, no collision, or horizontal.

Finally also need to remind everybody is, before open using clean bench, shall carefully read the instructions first, and in the daily operation, strictly abide by the corresponding operation.In this way, the function and value of cleaning table can be played more effectively.