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The treatment of the Angle in the design and construction of the purification...

Oct 09, 2017

In the design and construction of purification workshop, there are still a lot of is need to be aware of, such as purification workshop layout, especially the GMP pharmaceutical and biological safety experiment process used in purification workshop.To ensure that clean areas can reduce pollution as much as possible, to ensure that clean and human goods are properly differentiated, to prevent cross-infection and secondary pollution.

Secondly also learn to reasonable application in the purification workshop arc Angle, is to set up the purification workshop is to control microorganisms such as bacteria and dust, and microbial bacteria breeding ground in the corner extremely easily, so it is very important to the application of circular arc Angle, let clean indoor no dead Angle can better control the bacteria and microbes, and easier to clean room cleaning.

It is because of this, the Angle of metope and ground is often the focus of the bacterial growth, so this corner must be marked in the purification workshop arc rounded corners, and have to deal with, if the construction processes is not good, may lead to a huge bacteria in the workshop hiding places, even only added more hidden trouble.

In addition will also involve the purification workshop ground selection problem, conventional more is used in the PVC floor, epoxy resin, because this kind of floor not only service life is long, also, more wear-resisting, and not easy to dust breeding ground for bacteria.And if some of the purification workshops have special requirements, they need to choose other special materials.

Due to the application in the field of purification workshop, it seems, the difference, even if is the same level of the workshop, have the difference, requirements for design and construction will make plan according to the actual.