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The use and maintenance of every supporting equipment in dust-free...

Aug 24, 2017

For each enterprise should keep plant cleanliness, it is very beneficial to improve the quality of the products, especially as food, medicines and other manufacturers, for cleanliness requirements will be better, therefore, dust-free clean room must be set.Besides reasonable design and proper use, the maintenance of dust free clean room is one of the main factors that affect its use effect.

The maintenance of the dust-free clean room refers to the maintenance of each supporting equipment. Only every link can satisfy the requirements, and the dust free clean room can ensure the cleanliness of the product.The maintenance of the air shower first, as a dust-free clean room indispensable clean equipment, it can remove the dust on the surface of the people and objects, at the same time on both sides of the clean areas and unclean areas have played an important role in the buffer and isolation.In order to ensure the cleanliness of the air in this area, the dust particles that are attached to the surface of the garment must be blown in clean air before the operator entrance the clean room.

The hepa unit, Consist of a electrostatic box, hepa filter, aluminum alloy diffusion plate, flange interface standard, such as parts of the device, it use the bottoms of type structure, The advantages of installing and replacing filters in dust-free clean room are convenient.The key point is to require high efficiency filter to adopt mechanical compaction or fluted sealing device to ensure that the vents are installed without leakage, with reliable sealing and good purification effect.

At the same time, according to the requirement of the dust-free clean room of the surface of the delivery window spray processing, and its position of the liner with stainless steel material, and the two doors of the delivery window uses electrical or mechanical interlock chain,can effectively prevent low clean area of dust into the high clean zone.

In dust-free clean room, the clean bench is the main operating part, which can maintain a clean and local purification on the operating table according to the requirements of the product or other uses.In addition, the dust-free clean room also includes the FFU fan filter unit and laminar flow hood, which can provide important functions for dust-free clean room cleanliness, so the same should be emphasized.