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The use and material and configuration of the cleaning table

Aug 16, 2018

The purification table is designed to meet the needs of the local working area cleanliness in the fields of modern industry, optoelectronic industry, biopharmaceutical and scientific research experiment. Air suction pre filter through the fan, through the static pressure box into the efficient filter filter, the filtered air in the state of vertical or horizontal air flow, so that the operation area to achieve 100 level cleanliness, ensure the production of environmental cleanliness requirements.


As a local air purification equipment for vertical laminar flow pattern, the indoor air is filtered by a pre filter, and the small centrifugal fan is pressed into the static pressure box by a small centrifugal fan, and then through the two stage filter of the air efficient filter, the clean air blowing out from the air surface of the air efficient filter has a certain and uniform cross section wind. Speed can eliminate the original air in the workspace and take dust particles and biological particles away to form sterile Gao Jiejing's working environment.


The cleaning table is made of high quality steel plate bending and assembling, and its air supply body is equipped with a new type of non-woven fabric pre filter, ultrafine glass fiber filter material made of air efficient filter, small low noise variable speed centrifugal fan and other electrical components, and has a mobile universal caster with simple structure and beautiful appearance and so on.


The ventilator system with variable air volume is used to adjust the input voltage of the centrifugal fan and change its working condition. The average wind speed of the wind surface is kept in the ideal range, and the service life of the main components of the equipment can be prolonged effectively and the operation cost of the equipment is reduced.