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The use cycle and service performance of the air filter should meet the requirements.

Sep 03, 2018

Air filter, which is a specific kind of filter, but also a more common and commonly used filter, so, based on this actual situation, and in order to let everyone know how to use air filter in the appropriate occasion, the following, will carry out the study of the product to achieve the purpose.


1. will air filters be widely used in production shops and laboratories?

In the production workshop and laboratory, air filter this kind of filter will be widely used, and it mainly plays the role of filtering and purifying the air. In addition, according to the actual situation and the use of demand, to choose different filter levels of air filters, or different filter levels of air filters combined to ensure the use of filters, and get the desired filtering effect.


2. Can the air filter be customized? How to use good performance?

The air filter can be customized, and it is generally a non-standard product. In addition, we also need to know that the air filter this kind of filter, both standard products and non-standard products. As for the good performance of the product should meet the requirements of easy installation, good filtering effect, different filtering levels, and long service life. In the use of filters, it is not easy to fail.


3. Are there any standards for the use cycle and replacement time of the air filter?

Air filters, which have a life cycle, when the use of time to reach the life cycle of air filters, then, should be checked and cleaned, the filter dust and other clean, and check whether the filter needs to replace the new filter and filter can continue to use after replacing the new filter. As for the replacement time standard of the filter, it is not yet available. The replacement time is determined by the use of air filters.


4. Is self cleaning air filter working under negative pressure? What is the meaning of the high efficiency air filter H10-H13?

Self-cleaning air filter, which is under the negative pressure from the atmosphere to inhale air, and then air filtration this work, so this kind of air filter is working under the negative pressure, otherwise can not inhale air to work properly. High efficiency air filter, its parameter H10-H13 meaning is: the former refers to the filter efficiency, the latter refers to the filter grade, its filtration efficiency is 90% - 99.995%.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/