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The use of the clean room and the functions of various auxiliary systems

Oct 07, 2017

Many people still don't understand why some industries have to set up a clean room, such as biopharmaceutical, sophisticated manufacturing, medical science, electronic information, semiconductor, photoelectron, space flight and aviation, automotive paint and so on. Simply put, setting up the clean room is prevent pollution and ensure the quality of products.

In many purification engineering, the installation of the clean room is the basic of controlling the pollution. If there is no clean room, some pollution sensitive parts are not possible to achieve the bulk production. Because the clean room can remove the corpuscule, noxious air, bacterium and other pollutants in the air within certain spatial range. And it can control the indoor temperature, cleanliness, pressure, airspeed, air flow distribution, noise vibration, lighting and static in a reasonable range.

In order to do this, the clean room usually must have the central air - conditioning photocatalytic air purification sterilizers module, which is mainly composed of the coated titanium thin wire filter, initial, medium efficiency filter network, nanometer titanium dioxide photocatalysis room and intelligent control system. It can prevent the spread of bacteria in the air, eliminate the dangers of smoking. And at the same time, it can clean the indoor pollution in the clean room.

In addition, the anion air purification system in the clean room also plays a key role. It can reduce the concentration of the suspended particulate matter in the air. However it can’t kill viruses and bacteria and decompose the pollutants. So its role is to clean the air and supplement the anion indoor.

It is understood that a complete clean room has multi-programmings from primary filtration to complete clarification. So it can kill the in the air quickly, scrub, abate smoke and peculiar smell to purify the air and produce some important products.