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The way of air duct insulation in clean workshop

Dec 27, 2018

In addition to air duct to ensure its leveling, air duct leveling is still guaranteed in the installation process in clean workshop, otherwise it will affect the insulation effect. When fixing the heat preservation plate with heat preservation nails, the distribution of heat preservation nails should be uniform according to the different parts of the air duct, so that the heat preservation plate can pass through the heat preservation nails, and then press the heat preservation nails with the pressure plate to ensure the close contact between the heat preservation plate and the surface of the air duct.


When the insulation board passes through the insulation nail, it must be pressed tightly to make the insulation board material close to the wind pipe; the longitudinal and transverse joints of the insulation board material should be staggered, the flange of the air pipe should not be exposed, and all kinds of joints should be controlled to a minimum, so that no small pieces of plate can be used to splice together to increase the gap and reduce the insulation effect; besides preventing the damage of the insulation layer, some protective layers can be used. Material also has moisture-proof effect, so the protective layer must be intact, non-destructive and firmly bonded.


Insulation nails should be evenly bonded to the surface of air duct, and the size of blanket or insulation board should be noticed when bonding insulation nails; when using aluminium foil glass silk cloth as moisture-proof and protective layer, the longitudinal and transverse seams must be firmly bonded with adhesive tape after uniform tension; when choosing aluminium foil glass silk cloth as protective layer of the outermost insulation layer of air duct, the protective layer should be prevented in the construction process. Damage, should be complete and non-destructive, strong bonding, can not fall off.www.wxrfcleanroom.com