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Transportation Requirements and Notices for Clean Transfer Window

Sep 07, 2019

Clean transfer window is a kind of electrical equipment in the clean room in the process of using. Such products will be very helpful to our life, but many consumers do not know how to use it after purchasing it. Clean transfer window is managed according to the cleanliness level of the higher level clean area connected with it. For example, the transfer window between filling room and spraying code should be managed according to the requirements of filling room.


Clean transfer window is more suitable for general transportation when it is used. During transportation, rain and snow should be prevented to avoid damage and rust. The storage temperature of products should be effectively maintained in the warehouse of corrosive gases such as - 10 ~40 C, relative humidity not more than 80%, acid and alkali free.


Clean transfer window in the process of opening the box, should be civilized operation, not rough, brutal operation, so as to avoid causing personal injury to a certain extent, after opening the box, first make sure that the product is a given product, and then check the contents of the packing list carefully whether there are missing parts, whether there are any parts. Damage caused by transportation.


Material entering and leaving the clean transfer window must be separated from the human flow channel strictly when it is used. Material entering and leaving should be through the special material channel of the production workshop. When material entering, raw and auxiliary materials should be unpacked or cleaned by the person in charge of the preparation process, and then sent to the temporary storage room of raw and auxiliary materials of the workshop through the transfer window. After the outer packing is removed from the temporary storage room, it is sent into the inner compartment through the transfer window.


When the material is delivered out of the clean transfer window in the clean area, the material should be transported to the relevant material intermediate station first, and then moved out of the clean area according to the reverse procedure when the material enters. All semi-finished products are transported from the clean area to the external temporary storage room through the transfer window, and then to the outer packing room through the logistics channel.