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Two operation stages of linkage debugging in aseptic workshop

Jul 25, 2018

The aseptic workshop will be debugged before the application is put into application, and the method of linkage debugging is adopted. In general, it is divided into two stages, that is, the air volume distribution stage and the linkage stage. The so-called air volume distribution is extreme, in fact, the air supply, air return, fresh air and exhaust air volume in every clean room in the sterile workshop are adjusted to the design air volume according to the design requirements.


Because a sterile workshop may have multiple air conditioning systems, or an air conditioning system, it has to bear the supply of multiple aseptic workshops. Therefore, the adjustment and debugging of air volume distribution is a work of heavy workload, long time, and patient and meticulous work, and the adjustment of air volume distribution is also the key work of the whole debugging work.


The common air flow distribution debug method adopts the standard tuyere method. In the case of the maximum of all valves before the air volume distribution, the most unfavorable air outlet is found in all the air vent, and the tuyere is used as the standard vent. A monitoring instrument is set on the standard draught, and the air flow rate of the standard tuyere is measured at any time. Then all other air vents are adjusted.


And the linkage debugging of the aseptic workshop is carried out after the adjustment of air volume and the single machine test. It will include all the input and operation of the cooling system, the heating system, the power supply system and the automatic control system, and check the comprehensive and linkage energy of each system. When necessary, a certain amount of load is set in the clean room, and the sensitivity and coordination of the linkage between the temperature and humidity probe, the intermediate instrument and the actuator are examined, and whether the temperature and humidity probe is accurate and the accuracy are qualified.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/