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Types of air filters in dust-free workshop and knowledge of high temperature resistant high efficiency filters

May 22, 2018

Air filter, which is one of the filters, and is a more frequently used type, so, based on this actual situation, and in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the type of filter, the following type of learning and understanding of the air filter will be carried out, so that the air filter can be used correctly. It has good effect in the use of products and has good economic benefits.


1. Is it necessary to install a primary air filter before the medium efficiency and high efficiency air filters?

The medium effect and high efficiency filter in the air filter, its installation and use requirements, the important point is to install the first effect air filter in front of it, to play a certain protective effect, at the same time, it can also ensure the use and service life of the filter. Moreover, this must be done. Otherwise, medium efficiency and high efficiency air filters can not be used.


2. Types and instructions of air filters on UV line of general dust-free workshop

In the ordinary dust free workshop, the air filter on its UV line can be used in the specific type, for the three kinds of initial, medium and efficient, or two kinds of filter and high efficiency filter according to the filter fiber size.


The use of air filter is known as: the filter is usually set in the static pressure chamber, or in the air disposal unit, its efficiency specification is F5 - F8, which is determined by the grade of the coating product. In addition, if there is too much dust in the outdoor air, a pre filter can be added to the main filter.


3. What qualifications does the air filter manufacturer have to have?

The manufacturer of air filter must have business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, and it should include air filter and air purifier in the scope of operation so as to make air filter production.


4. High temperature air filters and air filters in ventilation and air conditioning systems.

High temperature resistant high efficiency air filter, which is one of the air filters, is made of ultrafine glass fiber paper as filter material. The filter frame is made of stainless steel, and high temperature resistant sealant is used. And its products are strictly tested before they leave the factory to ensure product quality. This kind of filter is mainly used in high temperature air purification.


The air filter in the ventilation and air conditioning system also has three kinds of initial, medium and efficient, so different levels of air filters can be used according to the requirements of different use. In addition, we also need to know that at least in the sterile operation room air conditioning system requires the use of primary or medium efficiency filters.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/