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Types of dust-free purification projects and their design requirements

Aug 30, 2018

The clean operating room, laminar flow operating room, clean room cleaning and clean laboratory we often refer to are dust-free purification projects, which brings us a lot of convenience. However, there are also many places to pay attention to in the design of dust-free purification engineering.


The main categories of dust-free purification projects include purification workshop, clean room, clean room, clean room, clean room, sterile room, hospital operating room, purification and decoration project; also engaged in production of air shower, transfer window, automatic hand washing Dryer, fan filter unit FFU, ultra-clean workbench, clean shed stainless steel tables and chairs, shelves, etc.; it will also involve air purification technology, air conditioning technology, water purification technology, gas purification technology and other clean technologies.


According to the category, variety or use of the products to be produced by the dust-free purification project, the control objects and technical requirements of the designed dust-free purification project are determined. For the biological dust-free purification project, the control object is dust particles and microorganisms in the air; the biological dust-free purification project facing different products or uses, the air cleanliness level, the micro-species and concentration contained in the air, and the pressure The requirements of the difference are not asked.


The design of the dust-free purification project should be in accordance with the process flow, rational selection of various equipment and devices, efforts to achieve smooth flow of people and logistics, clean air-conditioning system configuration, various special requirements of technical measures, clean factory floor The space is arranged reasonably.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/