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Types of dust remover for purification equipment and their different uses

Mar 09, 2018

According to the practical experience, the dust collector will be used as a very common purification equipment in the purification engineering, and the effect of different dust collector type and the dust removal effect are also different, so we need to compare the purification equipment before making the choice.


If the bag dust collector as purification equipment, it needs to be set in the special dedusting equipment, air pipe and the dust collector is arranged in the suction side to need dust production equipment, and then filtering by dust collector air exhaust pipe connected to the outside row, but do not pay attention to dust dust after the air to the room.


Because some dust contains the characteristic of sugar, the special equipment produces the field of hot and wet air, and the water bath dust collector can be used as the purifying equipment. In the process of using the water bath remover, the workers need to clean the dust inside the water bath dust remover.


At the same time, we need to set up a dust settling pond for the water bath dust collector. If it is installed on the roof, it will increase the roof load, while setting it on the ground will affect the surrounding environment, and the dust in the settling tank needs to be removed again. In addition, some cold areas are not suitable for the use of water bath dust remover.


There are many filter cartridge filters used in the purification engineering. Although the price of the purification equipment is relatively high, its efficiency is high, and because of its surface filtration capability, it makes it easier to pulse back blow and clean up. When the environmental requirements are high and the fabric bag dust can not be met, the filter cartridge type dust collector can be selected.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/