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Understanding of Intermediate-efficiency and Compressed Air Filters

Jun 01, 2019

There are many kinds of air filters, so if we want to have a comprehensive understanding of this kind of filter, then every kind of air filters can not be omitted, otherwise, our learning is incomplete. Now that we have this specific requirement, let's take a good look at some specific types of air filters. In this way, we can also broaden our knowledge.


Types of Air Filters I: Intermediate-effect Air Filters

Intermediate-effect air filter is a common and commonly used type of air filter. Its material is made of man-made fibers and galvanized iron. Moreover, in terms of filtration efficiency, there are many options for everyone.


The application of medium efficiency air filter mainly plays a filtering role in air conditioning equipment in factories, hospitals, buildings and learning places. If the air quality requirement is not high, then the air treated by the filter can be used directly.


Type 2: Compressed Air Filter


1. Characteristics of compressed air filters

(1) In the compressed air filter, it uses high-quality filter material, so that it has good hydrophobic and permeable performance. High quality aluminium alloy is used in the filter shell, so as to have good appearance, good efficiency and corrosion resistance.

(2) The shell is sealed, so that air leakage can be avoided and the resistance of air flow is very small. In addition, compressed air filters can also be used at high temperatures.


2. Application of Compressed Air Filter

This kind of air filter, in its specific application, is to remove the dust, dirt and other pollutants in compressed air, as well as some solid particles and fog, so as to purify compressed air and meet its application requirements. Its filtration efficiency, generally speaking, can reach 99.9% if used correctly.www.wxrfcleanroom.com