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Understanding of the construction of a clean food factory

Jan 10, 2018

First of all, in the process of building a clean food factory, we should pay attention to the health status. In order to ensure good health, it is generally considered from the overall layout, drainage, ventilation and decoration and other related aspects. To ensure that the overall layout of the clean food factory is reasonable, the drainage is smooth, the ground is slippery, no water is accumulated, and the air vent should be equipped with anti mouse and insect proof facilities.


Of course, in the construction of the workshop structure of the clean food factory, it is also necessary to design the suitable structure form according to the requirements of the processed food. To ensure that the production workshop is not crowded, it will not have a negative impact on production operation, but also avoid collisions among staff, as well as the contact between workers' work clothes and production equipment. Otherwise, it may cause product contamination.


In conclusion, the layout of food clean workshop is not only to meet the production requirements, to ensure easy operation, but also to meet the links between production links. In addition, it is also easy to realize the control of health in order to avoid cross pollution in the production process. Usually, the process of food processing is mainly from raw materials, then semi-finished products, and finally finished products. It can also be summarized as the process from non clean to clean.


Then in the arrangement of the clean food factory, it should be carried out in accordance with this principle of production. In this way, it is possible to avoid the problem of transition from a clean link to a clean link. At the same time, appropriate isolation measures should be taken between clean areas and non clean areas, so as to control the flow and logistics among people, so as to avoid cross contamination.


In addition, the ground condition of the clean food factory should also be taken into consideration. Under normal conditions, it should be ensured that the ground is dry and has a certain antiskid resistance. Therefore, it is recommended to use anti skid, solid, non seeping, clean and corrosion resistant materials. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that the surface of the floor of the clean food workshop is flat and without water.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/