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Use Characteristics and Management Requirements of Clean Transfer Window

May 30, 2019

Clean transfer window is mainly made of its stainless steel plate. The whole product is very smooth and smooth. The product has built-in arc transition, which can reduce the dead angle to a certain extent. It is very beautiful and generous in the process of using.


The doors on both sides of the clean transfer window are equipped with mechanical interlocking or electronic interlocking devices. The two doors can not be opened at the same time in use. This can effectively prevent cross-contamination to a certain extent. Double-layer toughened glass windows will be installed on the equipment effectively, which is convenient to observe and effectively ensures the cleanliness of the inner part of the box.


Seals will be installed on the windows and doors of the clean transfer window to ensure their air tightness. Ultraviolet sterilizing lamps and lighting lamps will be added effectively in use, and strong magnets will be added effectively. This can effectively ensure that the doors on both sides of the equipment can not be opened under the interference of external factors such as power failure.


The control panel of the clean transfer window will be equipped with call function buttons to know the situation on both sides. The cotton-maintained single-phase 220V centrifugal fan has low noise, working noise is less than 65 decibels, and the door opens safely and reliably without noise.


Clean transfer window in the process of use need to effectively develop its management system, so as to effectively ensure that in the process of operation will not bring pollution to the clean area, mainly applicable to the use and management of transfer window, its main responsibility is production operation personnel and production management personnel.


In order to ensure the pressure difference between the two workshops which are inside and outside the clean transfer window, the pressure difference between the two workshops will be greater than that of the outsourcing environment. In order to ensure the pressure difference, the transfer is designed to be interlocking.www.wxrfcleanroom.com