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Ventilation and Air Filtration System of Aseptic Transfer Window

May 03, 2019

During the operation of aseptic transfer window, it mainly controls the air flow in and out of its equipment through its PLC control unit. The product sets the pressure difference parameters in its cabin. The aseptic transfer window can automatically adjust the air flow in and out of the cabin without manual intervention in the use process.


The aseptic transfer window is directly used for indoor air intake. In the process of use, it is filtered through its primary filter cotton, and then entered into its aseptic transfer window through its efficient filter. The filtration efficiency is more than 99.995%.


Sterile transfer window can effectively set its three-level password in the process of use, mainly in two modes of break-up movement and automatic operation, pressure loss, double-door interlocking alarm, real-time display of key operating parameters, and printing function of key parameters.


Sterile transfer window is not allowed to open both inside and outside doors at any time. After the product is used every day, it is necessary to use its disinfectant spray or wipe the transfer window to disinfect effectively.


Ultraviolet lamp of aseptic transfer window should be replaced in time for about 4000 hours. In the process of using it, the material can be effectively removed from the outer package in the washroom. Then the imported articles can be sprayed or wiped with its disinfectant, and the outer package can not be removed by spraying or wiping with disinfectant.


The clean area of aseptic transfer window is managed by the operator. When used, the doors on both sides of the transfer window should not be opened at the same time. Goods should be put into the transfer window. If the transmission window needs to be opened and disinfected by ultraviolet lamp, the working condition of ultraviolet lamp should be checked regularly, and the ultraviolet lamp tube should be replaced regularly.www.wxrfcleanroom.com