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What about the trouble with the Air shower?

Aug 22, 2017

Due to influenced by some factors, the Air shower may also have some glitches.So how do we deal with a failure?Let's take a look at some of the more common ones and try to figure out how to deal with them.

The first kind of fault is that the fan in the Air shower can't work. For example, it can't be activated. In this case, we should check whether the emergency switch of the outer box body is cut off.If it has been cut off, you can turn it on manually so that the fan can be returned to work.If the fan is inverted or the wind speed is less, then check whether the power line connection is normal.

The second fault is in use after a period of time, wind speed of air shower becomes smaller, so this time we need to check the air filter in time whether inside accumulate too much dust, and to clear in time.

The third type of failure is more complicated, mainly including the failure to carry out the blow after entering into the Air shower of induction, or the door of the wind shower room is unlocked, or it is not shut down.If you have such a problem, you can consider it because the program is wrong or the operation has been messed up.What you can do is: cut off the power to restart the device and reset the program.

If the device is still unable to return to work after the above operation, check whether the emergency key inside the Air shower door is red.If it's red, then repress it to get back to work.

If the Air shower is not in time for induction, then the question should check whether the light sensor system installed in the door is normal.Pay particular attention to viewing and ensuring that both sides of the sensation are in the opposite position, and make sure the sensation normal.