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What are the application industries of air shower room

Sep 06, 2019

Obviously, in different industries, the role of the air shower room is different, and the meaning it represents is also different. However, no matter which industry it is applied to, its focus is the same: the air shower chamber installed at the entrance of the workshop plays a positive pressure role; can effectively remove dust on staff and goods; protect the air quality of the workshop to meet the requirements of production products.


So, in different industries, what role does the air shower room play? First of all, we can apply it to the food industry, so that its main role is to ensure the cleanliness of the air in the production workshop, but also to make the air inside the positive pressure. In addition, it can also reduce the number of doors opened and closed when entering or leaving the workshop, so as to prevent cross-contamination and improve the quality of products.


I believe that some friends are using air shower products in the automotive industry, in such an environment, its main role is to remove dust from external personnel through strong wind, in order to prevent it from being brought into the spraying workshop. In this way, it can provide a good environment for automobile spraying operation, thus ensuring the final spraying quality.


In addition, we can also use the air shower room in the cosmetics industry. We know that in the cosmetics industry, the requirements are more stringent, and the use of this product can make the cosmetics produced to meet the GMP standard requirements, but also to ensure the quality of product packaging.


In addition to the several industries mentioned above, we can also apply the air shower chamber to the photoelectric industry. At this time, its main function is to install at the entrance of the clean workshop, so as to remove dust on personnel or goods. In this way, the cleanliness of the workshop can be ensured, and the cleanliness and quality of the air in the workshop can be ensured.


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