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What are the applications of the clean unit FFU

Aug 17, 2018

The cleaning unit FFU has the advantages of long service life, less noise, less maintenance, infinitely variable speed, stable wind speed and convenient installation. And the clean unit FFU can be used modularized, so it has been widely used in dust free room, dust free operating table, dust free production line, assembly type dust free room and local 100 grade applications.


The main application areas of clean cell FFU include the following aspects:

1. The food industry. People have been very concerned about the safety of food processing. As more and more food processing enterprises have begun to seek plant purification solutions, the FFU purification unit is widely used in factory building and production workshops to meet the requirements of the clean environment.


2. Electronics industry. The production of China in the electronics industry, due to the particularity of the product application, is particularly important for the clean environment in the production workshop, and the clean unit FFU is the effective guarantee of their quality.


3. Medical industry. The medical industry is very strict with the cleanliness, and the clean unit FFU can improve the cleanliness of the environment. When necessary, the FFU group control system can be used to ensure the cleanliness.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/