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What are the characteristics and advantages of horizontal flow clean workbench?

May 12, 2018

Because of the advantages of Gao Jie cleanliness, connection to assembly line, low noise and movable, horizontal flow clean worktable has been widely used in the fields of local purification laboratories, biopharmaceutical, photoelectric industry, microelectronics, hard disk manufacturing and so on.


The detailed analysis can be found that the fans in the horizontal flow clean workbench are equipped with a foreign original direct drive high efficiency centrifugal fan, which has the characteristics of long life, low noise, no maintenance, small vibration, and stepless speed regulation. The working life is as long as 30 thousand hours or more; the speed regulation performance of the fan is stable, and the air volume can still be ensured under the condition of the final resistance of the high efficiency filter.


Moreover, the filter of the horizontal flow clean table is also the top product of the industry. It is the ultra thin AAF filter. It can minimize the size of the static pressure box, and make the whole studio bright and spacious with stainless steel table and glass side baffle.


The horizontal flow clean workbench is also equipped with a high quality R differential gauge, which clearly indicates the pressure difference on both sides of the high efficiency filter, and promptly reminds the replacement of the high efficiency filter. At the same time, the stepless adjustable air volume air supply system is used to adjust the wind speed so as to make the wind speed in the working area ideal.


The horizontal flow clean table is equipped with a convenient disassembled large air volume prefilter, which can help to better protect the high efficiency filter and ensure the wind speed. What's more, its structural form, the open table of horizontal manifold, is more convenient to operate.


Every horizontal flow clean table has been strictly tested according to relevant standards before leaving the factory, so its reliability is very high. It is especially suitable for assembling the super net production line. It can be used as a single platform according to the process needs, and can also form a series of 100 level assembly lines in series.


With such an excellent level flow clean table, the cleanliness of the production and production process will be further guaranteed, reducing the possibility of being polluted, and thus better improving the quality of the product. Of course, the service life of the equipment can also be extended.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/