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What are the characteristics of dust-free purification project

Apr 11, 2019

Dust-free purification engineering refers to the use of professional purification equipment in a certain space, so that the space can achieve dust-free purification effect. Dust-free purification engineering has been used in many industries, and has also improved its production level and quality. Dust-free purification projects are usually equipped with or without main air supply pipes and special air conditioning rooms to reduce investment.


Air flow in return air duct and fan room. Air conditioner is also installed in return air duct. No special air conditioning room is needed. Besides installing air conditioner, return air duct can also be used as overhaul and process passage. The characteristic of air supply of air conditioner is the bottom pressure of air supply. The cold air is sent out by air conditioner directly into the fan room. Besides the resistance of the cold air duct itself, there is no other resistance loss. Especially at the outlet of the cold air duct, the fan box has formed a certain degree of vacuum, which helps the cold air duct overcome the resistance of air supply. Because of the low pressure on the cold air duct, thin plastic or metal hoses with lighter quality and lower cost can be selected for the cold air duct.


The temperature regulation of dust-free purification project adopts the way of direct air supply by cold air duct, which directly sends the cold air generated by air conditioner to the main stream of clean air. The travel of cold air is the shortest and the volume of cold air is the most concentrated. No special pipe valve is needed, which saves investment and simplifies installation. More importantly, it reduces the resistance loss and temperature loss of these pipe and valve parts, and achieves the purpose of improving efficiency and saving energy.


Dust-free purification project is simple to operate, easy to maintain, no special air-conditioning room, no need for special operation. Because the fan box and the high efficiency air filter are grouped according to the need. Therefore, maintenance and use can also be carried out in units. The dust-free purification project is rebuilt by using the existing workshop, which has the advantages of short construction period, low cost, flexibility and practicability.www.wxrfcleanroom.com