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What are the conditions for the selection and design of the...

Sep 21, 2017

As used in the purification workshop production machinery and equipment, purification equipment is to ensure that important premise, to ensure production task to get good results for different purification equipment, not only providing the conditions of different requirements, production capacity of the entire purification engineering and operation reliability, the quality of the product and so on all have varying degrees of impact.

It is precisely because of this, when choosing the purification equipment, try to choose the advanced reliable, efficient operation, production energy saving, convenient maintenance, economical and reasonable, the system that conform to the requirements of the system.But the key is to make the purification device match the actual production requirements.

The selection and design of the purification equipment must first take full consideration of the requirements of the technology, and the equipment can be adapted to the production scale, and the maximum output should be obtained.On the basis of this, the designed and selected purification equipment can also play the role of reliability, reducing labor intensity and improving labor productivity.

At the same time, it should be equipped with reasonable temperature, pressure, flow rate , inspecting liquid level and control system for the purification equipment, so as to meet the requirements of product variety changes and ensure the quality of products.In addition, the materials of purification equipment selection are also required to be fully reliable and must be investigated and analyzed in order to make a decision.

Also, whether it is the main part of the purification equipment or other parts, there should be sufficient strength to ensure the production and life safety.And the equipment should be easy to operate and maintain.Considering the purification workshop used during the production of basic raw materials, intermediates and products such as corrosive, mostly because of the selected purification equipment should have certain corrosion resistance ability and sealing, helps to prolong the service life of equipment and to avoid accidents.