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What are the design forms of clean room?

Jun 28, 2018

Clean room is a kind of purification engineering and also a common project in industrial enterprises. The purpose of it is to purify the air in the clean workshop and make the room clean, aseptic and unclean space. So what do you have in the form of clean room design?


One of the design forms of clean room is the control of people and things. Personnel and goods are the main sources of dust. Therefore, it is necessary to make full use of the dust. For example, in the clean room, all people have to go through the net system, replace the dust-free clothes, and accept the basic education of the function of the purification system. Secondly, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the room, it is necessary to prevent the air from entering the room. In order to achieve this goal, the room must maintain positive pressure. In order to obtain the required pressure of the room, the proper fresh air must be added.


Two of the clean room design form is the design of the system and structure. The air purification system here can be divided into horizontal laminar flow, vertical laminar flow and turbulence. The choice of air flow form one is to refer to the practice, and the two is to depend on the working parameters of the room. In order to ensure that the airflow is almost undisturbed, the design must be carried out in time, and the necessary caution can prevent dust accumulation anywhere in the room.


The three design form of clean room is the selection of material and auxiliary equipment. As the ceiling of clean room, the material of wall and floor must not be broken, not easy to dip into particles, and almost no dust. In addition, according to the different working conditions of the room, it is necessary to consider whether the chemical property of the material is stable.


If necessary, some auxiliary equipment should be arranged in the clean room, such as the air indicator of the new air vent, the transmission window in the partition and so on. These equipment must be suitable for the requirements of the room, and must really understand its function so as to make the core facilities of high efficiency, safety and mass production.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/